Dinner at Doherty’s East Ave Pawtucket

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Steak Tips, Baby Carrots, Cowboy Beans and Pawtucket Pail Ale from Doherty’s Pawtucket


Pawtucket is chalk full of eateries for all taste. Yet when folks look to go out for a bite to eat (especially dinner), most start off thinking Providence, Warwick, Twin River, Attleboro or maybe South County. However I’ve found Pawtucket to have quite the restaurant selection. Eclectic enough to satisfy many different taste. And for that reason I’ve decided to start the #DinePawtucket campaign. My goal is to showcase restaurants in Pawtucket and provide accurate reviews. Now please note, my reviews are honest and I will no way try and sway you to eat at a restaurant that I will not go back to myself. So with that said the first reseteraunt to be showcased as part of #DinePawtucket is Doherty’s Irish Pub, East Ave, Pawtucket.

Doherty’s is located at 342 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI., just as the road forks at George St. and East Ave. Parking is located in the back of the restaurant where there’s also a rear entrance, however the entrance is not very well marked. The interior has an old Irish Pub feel with several flat screens located in the Bar and dining room areas. There’s also an outside deck in the rear for your dining pleasures. Also Doherty’s East Ave proudly boasts 85 different beers on tap. Yes 85!

We started with drinks which consisted of unsweetened Iced Tea and Pawtucket Brewery’s Pail Ale (for me). The Pawtucket Pail Ale is a smooth beer complimented by a nice hops tang. Not overwhelmed by hops as some ales I’ve tasted (Very Good!). The unsweetened Iced tea. Well it’s unsweetened Iced tea. Not much more can be said.

For our main course I had the BBQ Steak tips (cooked medium), Baby Carrots, and Cowboy beans. My wife had the East Sider and Rosemary Potato wedges. The East Side is a sandwich that consists of Roast Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Roasted Peppers, and a Horse Radish spread on a buttered Ciabatta roll. The steak tips were cooked perfect! Nice char on the outside with a brilliant pink center. The BBQ marinade offered a nice combination of sweet and savory with each not overwhelming the other (Note: The BBQ sauce will not win any awards in the south, but it was more than adequate for my meal). The Cowboy beans offered up a more savory than sweet taste with a little bit of a twang, but complimented the BBQ steak tips well. The Baby Carrots were cooked to perfection with a sweet pop that balanced out the tang of the Cowboy beans. The East Sider unfortunately was not up to par. The roast beef was the best part of the sandwich providing good flavor, however the cheddar cheese was waxy and the Ciabatta roll was overly buttered. The Rosemary Potatoes on the other hand had plenty of flavor with Rosemary as the lead but not overshadowing the taste of the potato and the other spices used to bring that side dish to life.

When asked about our dinner, we complimented Doherty’s on the steak tips and sides, but let them know we weren’t too happy with the East Sider sandwich. Our waitress immediately offered to make up for our dissatisfaction and within seconds had the manger at our table. The manager apologized for the sandwich which everyone agreed had “Sad Cheese” on it and offered to remove the charge of the sandwich, which we declined as not being necessary  (hey we ordered it and the wife did eat half the sandwich). The manager did not stop there, but gave us one of their signature  “Tappd Restaurant Group Glasses” at no charge. And speaking of the staff at Doherty’s, the service provided by Doherty’s was friendly, courteous, and very accommodating.  I Couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything more.

All in all I’d say our experience was positive (we’ll chalk up the East Sider as a one time mishap) and I’d definitely go back. As a matter of fact I’m making plans to go back on a Monday night as they have a great Wing and Beer special on Monday Nights, and I’m told Doherty’s wings are second to none. The staff at Doherty’s East Ave cares about your dining experience which will make your dinning there that much better, and although the East Sider did not meet expectation, the rest of the food did. And did I mention they have 85 beers on tap. 85! That said I would encourage you to go and give Doherty’s a try. Either for lunch, dinner, or for their Monday Night Wing and Beer special.

Bucket Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, OUTSTANDING

Ambiance: Good


Food: Fair +

Beverage (Beer): Good +

Overall: Good



RI State Police, No Criminal Wrong Doing by Major Moreau

Jim Hummel of the Hummel Report ran a four month investigation which showed Pawtucket Police Major Bruce Moreau playing golf on several occasions, as well as being at other places, or just simply staying home on days when he was being paid to be at work.  The Rhode Island State Police investigated this issue and found there was no criminal wrong doing.  Which is true. The Major did nothing criminal by playing golf or staying home on days he was being paid to work. No the major did nothing criminal, but he did however violate the moral ethics of the the job. He LIED to tax payers! By saying he was working, but actually playing golf or catching up on SportsCenter (or whatever he was doing while home), he lied to tax payers. As an officer of the law , he is held to to a higher standard, and once he violates that standard he loses all trustworthiness, and that’s what Major Moreau has done. He’s lost the trust of the citizens of Pawtucket.

Now there’s still an Internal Investigation being done by the Pawtucket PD Internal Affairs department, and we’ll have to wait for their findings. But I’ll leave this out there for food for thought. If you (or I ) were supposed to be working. On the clock for the man, but it was found that instead of working we were out playing golf, or letting it ride at Twin River, or simply staying home, feet up with remote in hand, what do you think would be the likely outcome of your continued employment with that employer? Let’s just hope Mayor Donald Grebien does what our hypothetical employer would do.

Please note the story of Major Bruce Moreau was first reported by Jim Hummel. www.Hummelreport.org