RI State Police, No Criminal Wrong Doing by Major Moreau

Jim Hummel of the Hummel Report ran a four month investigation which showed Pawtucket Police Major Bruce Moreau playing golf on several occasions, as well as being at other places, or just simply staying home on days when he was being paid to be at work.  The Rhode Island State Police investigated this issue and found there was no criminal wrong doing.  Which is true. The Major did nothing criminal by playing golf or staying home on days he was being paid to work. No the major did nothing criminal, but he did however violate the moral ethics of the the job. He LIED to tax payers! By saying he was working, but actually playing golf or catching up on SportsCenter (or whatever he was doing while home), he lied to tax payers. As an officer of the law , he is held to to a higher standard, and once he violates that standard he loses all trustworthiness, and that’s what Major Moreau has done. He’s lost the trust of the citizens of Pawtucket.

Now there’s still an Internal Investigation being done by the Pawtucket PD Internal Affairs department, and we’ll have to wait for their findings. But I’ll leave this out there for food for thought. If you (or I ) were supposed to be working. On the clock for the man, but it was found that instead of working we were out playing golf, or letting it ride at Twin River, or simply staying home, feet up with remote in hand, what do you think would be the likely outcome of your continued employment with that employer? Let’s just hope Mayor Donald Grebien does what our hypothetical employer would do.

Please note the story of Major Bruce Moreau was first reported by Jim Hummel. www.Hummelreport.org